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In 30 days you will detox from the dating habits that have been keeping you frustrated, stuck and single and reset your romantic life.This isn’t a band aide solution, it’s a program that works.

Are you ready to start making some changes in your life, leave behind old frustrations and patterns and start something new? Shake things up, be proactive and make active choices and changes in your life?

The point is, finding the love of your life is not a task you can put on your To-Do list. If you’ve always wanted to try dyeing your hair, or getting a crazy new haircut…

Instead, you CAN prepare to be your best self, so that when you meet that special someone, you’ll be ready to knock his socks off. If you’ve been thinking about that tattoo for years…

Or maybe it’s relationships that seem to be going ok for a few months and then the guy vanishes?

Do you feel that you are trying everything from listening to well-meaning friends and family to reading dating books, only to feel more confused than ever?

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AND not only am I going to tell you how to do it, I’ve invited Chris Soules to join us so he can share HIS thoughts about what makes a woman downright irresistible. And in my 2017 Dating Bootcamp, I’m going to show you how to find love once and for all. Your brain (and heart) will get energized when you take some action that scares you. Now I’m not talking about bungee jumping, unless it’s into a pool of warm clear water in the south of France.

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