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Updating address on illinois drivers license

Office of Governmental Accountability Freedom of Information Commission administers and enforces the provisions of the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act (FOI Act) which was established in 1975.

Change Address Change Name Physical License Changes DDS has implemented Secure ID (resulting from Federal requirements of the Real ID Act), which requires customers to provide two (2) documents proving residential address, when visiting a Customer Service Center (CSC).In addition the Connecticut Open Meetings Law legislates the methods by which public meetings are conducted.There are exemptions to open records which include but are not limited to personnel or medical files, trade secrets, adoption records and records of law enforcement agencies which are still currently in pre-trial or trial phase or which would place victims or culprits in danger.This will give the state ample time to process your renewal and mail your new license to you before it expires.If, for some reason, your drivers license has expired, you will need to visit the Secretary of State’s office as soon as possible.

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Subsequent name and/or address changes, during the original driver's license/permit/ID card term will require a renewal.

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